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Mary Blain is a watercolor artist residing west of Billings, Montana. She grew up on a ranch near Bridger, Montana and enjoys great enthusiasm for painting the wondrous expanse of nature and wildlife in the Beartooth Mountains and surrounding areas, including Yellowstone and Teton National Parks.  Mary operates her gallery and studio at 907 64th Street West in Billings, Montana

In the summer months, while Mary attended high school, she worked in Cooke City doing numerous summer jobs. During her college years and after, Mary tried to return to the area at least once a year. In 1986, she and her husband, Rodney, purchased an old cabin built high on the hill above town, and in 1991 opened the Blain Gallery in Cooke City and operated it until closing in the fall of 2010.

Mary is a strong advocate of venturing out on site to sketch and paint. Although she admits that nobody improves on "God's Imagery," she gives it her best try. Nature's beauty makes her emotional. She's infatuated with it. Plein Air painting offers the viewer a scene to embrace or relate to. The great outdoors displays numerous moods and challenges for the artist. A person can actually "feel" in three dimensions. You can see it, touch it, smell it, hear it; thus offering these feelings to others through a created piece of art. Understanding natural and reflected light is a goal Mary strives for in creating traditional or impressionistic watercolors.

Mary exhibits her work in several galleries in Montana,and has received several art awards over the years

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Email:  blainart@bresnan.net