Gennie DeWeese, Montana Road
Oil stick on canvas, 1998

"The asphalt of the road is much wider and safer than it occurred in memory. On a cycle you have all sorts of extra room. John and Sylvia take the hairpin turns up ahead and then come back above us, facing us, and have smiles. Soon we take the turn and see their backs again. Then another turn for them and we meet them again, laughing. It's so hard when contemplated in advance, and so easy when you do it."

Robert Persig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance


The exhibition is made up of work from the permanent collection of the Yellowstone Art Museum and supported with loans from private collections. It is accompanied by excellent support text.  One of DeWeese's statements gives us an insight to her success as a contemporary master:

  Gennie DeWeese, Blue Spruce Companions
Oil stick on canvas, 1998

"I believe anybody would have their own vision if they looked at it very simply and directly. In their own eyes. If they weren't thinking about how someone else did it or how it's supposed to look or anything like that. That's why kids are so good."

--Gennie DeWeese: interview with Terry Karson for Catalogue of a Retrospective Exhibition organized by the Art Museum of Missoula, 1996.

In 1998 the Yellowstone Art Museum purchased 14 paintings by Gennie that span in date from 1947 to 1998.  These works are on exhibit for the first time.  Funds were provided by Miriam Sample and Deborah Butterfield to purchase this excellent collection.

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